Should I Be Entertained?


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A couple of days ago, my newsfeed and timeline were chock full of messages calling for people to “Never Forget” September 11, 2001. You know, just in case the events of that day ever happen to slip your mind. One of the things I remember most about September 11, 2001 was that it was a … Continue reading

The Town/Gown Dichotomy


As a part of a Philosophy course I’m taking, I’ve been going on various field trips around the Lehigh Valley. One afternoon we went hiking about 40 minutes from campus, and on another, we made various stops throughout the Southside of Bethlehem. That trend continued today; we checked out the Touchtone theatre, one of the … Continue reading

Perception vs. Reality: Gender Violence


Fact: Crimes are falsely reported. The accused party in a court of law isn’t always guilty and sometimes, accusers have ulterior motives that may influence their decision to pres charges. People can be jailed unjustly for crimes they did not commit (See: Abu-Jamal, Mumia.) This is true for just about every kind of crime you can think … Continue reading

Food For Thought


A 1664 law in Maryland made any woman who married an African slave property of that slave’s master. Unwitting newcomers from Europe were often coerced and convinced to marry slaves as a result. “Be it enacted by the Right Honorable the Lord Proprietary by the advise and consent of the upper and lower house of … Continue reading

Politics vs. Progress


If you’ve been following the news lately – the non-Casey Anthony, important kind of news – you would know that the United States is about 20 days away from debt default. This means a variety of things, and explaining some of the consequences in detail (drastic decline in the value of the US dollar, for … Continue reading

The Patriarchy of Sports


I became a sports fan in the summer of 1996. I had, for as long as I could remember, watched sports, but I can’t say that there are any memories before that summer that stand out in my mind. I barely remember watching the 1994 FIFA World Cup. I’ve watched the Knicks my whole life, but can’t … Continue reading

Touré on Casey Anthony


(Link To Video/Article on Mediate) Writer and culture critic Touré dissects what went “wrong” with the Casey Anthony case, why she walked free, and America’s obsession with the trial. A lot can be said (and has already been) about her case, so I’ll keep this brief.s he represented a lot of what’s wrong with society … Continue reading

Greek Life (Specifically, Black Greek Life)


Greek life is quite the phenomenon. I’m sure sociologists find it all especially fascinating. People go to great (and varying) lengths to earn a comfortable position within the framework of the many levels of collegiate social strata. At a school like mine, for instance, involvement in a greek letter organization (or athletics) is an important … Continue reading

The Trouble with Patriotism

Fireworks Explode In Boston

I walked around and shopped a bit at the Palisades Center Mall today. Apart from it being a normal, largely uneventful trip to the mall, one thing really stood out to me. There were West Point cadets everywhere, on every floor, in just about every store. All were dressed in khakis and white or black … Continue reading


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