When Do We Move On?

Michael Vick

It seems there’s no middle ground when it comes to discussing Michael Vick. His meteoric rise from the ashes of a self-imposed exile as a result of a violent dog-fighting operation has been the biggest sports story of the past several months. His success at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagle’s offense has surprised many … Continue reading

NTMV – Lewd Robots, Princesses, and Fireworks.


Happy holidays! Once again, five videos, five word captions. Do you wanna get down? Fireworks coming out of crotches. This will.i.am is truly brilliant. “Out of many, we’re one.“ Princesses are good role models.

The NCAA: Where Cash Rules


The NCAA reminds me of a really, really bad parent – the kind of parent you see on shows like Wife Swap who attempts to rear kids who may or may not be possessed by demonic spirits. Over the past 24 hours, news broke regarding violations by six football players at Ohio State. The culprits? … Continue reading

New York Sports Lament


I just bore witness to three crushing defeats at the hands of the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Philadelphia Eagles over the past week (I would include some expression of disappointment about Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies if I cared about baseball.) As a Knicks and Giants fan, I need an outlet for my … Continue reading

NTMV – The Cat Daddy, Amazing Dinner, and Monsters.


This week and every week. Five videos with five-word anecdotes. Cheers.

2010 – The Ubiquitous Singles (And The Hit of the Year)


I’m a DJ for two reasons: I love music, and I need money.

Six Foot, Seven Foot (Or Inches?)


New Lil Wayne Single. Produced by Bangladesh. Featuring Cory Gunz. No-hook mixtape sensibilites.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Album By Kanye West for Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam I’m a huge Kanye fan.


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